Intuitive Eye Press, Inc. publishes communication arts products, including Speakeasy® games. We have 145 communication games to play in interpersonal, intercultural, intergenerational, international, and interfaith settings. For more information, just follow the links below. We hope you enjoy and benefit from our products and services.

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- Leon Webber, D.Mn., LMFT
- Linda Olsen Webber, Ph.D., LCP

Speakeasy® Games Co-Creators

- Ben Saylor
- Patrick Stinson of Vedanā Media
Speakeasy® Games Software Developers

Speakeasy® Games

Speakeasy® games are structured communication wordplay games for your iPhone or iPad. The games contain cards with words that guide you on a voyage of discovery about yourself and others. You can play by yourself, like solitaire, or you can play with any number of other people. It's a wonderful game for couples, families, educators, counselors and therapists, business groups, and conventions. The spirit of the game includes play, problem solving, and poetics.

International Institute for the Communication Arts

The International Institute for the Communication Arts provides workshops and training in Speakeasy® word play games and Integral Communication™ methods for individuals, couples and families, educators, businesses, service organizations, and mental health professionals.

Intuitive Eye Press Products

In addition to Speakeasy® card decks, we are developing specialized playing boards for different Speakeasy® layouts, greeting cards, and Integral Communication™ products.