Speakeasy® games are structured communication wordplay games for your iPhone or iPad. The games contain words that guide you on a voyage of discovery about yourself and others.


Speakeasy® is not a competitive game where someone wins and others lose. It's a game that everyone wins. The spirit of the game includes play, problem solving, and poetics - a gentle, playful way of changing habitual patterns of communication, creating new ways of talking.

You can play by yourself, like solitaire, or with any number of other people. It's a wonderful game for couples, families, educators, healthcare professionals, business groups - even conferences and conventions. And it takes just 20 minutes or less!

We donate 35% of all income from Speakeasy® sales ($1.40 of your $3.99 purchase) to non-profits around the world.

We have created many different versions of Speakeasy® with a variety of needs in mind. Our seven mobile app editions are:

    Wellness Edition
    Family Edition
    Education Edition
    Interfaith Edition
    International Bilingual Edition
    Corporate & Business Edition
    Native American Edition

Each Speakeasy® Game deck contains three stacks of cards.

Topic Cards: subjects of importance to us all, such as home, travel, and family.

Experience Cards: ways we express ourselves, such as thoughts, emotions, body sensations, values, and impulses.

Quality Cards: our ideals, inner resources, or values - ways of responding that show the best side of ourselves - such as respect, compassion, and loving kindness.

There are many ways to play Speakeasy®. Playing the game involves listening while the other person is speaking, and taking turns. Players are guided to create a safe and appreciative space to begin each game. All Speakeasy® games encourage deep listening and talking about meaningful topics in a fun and enjoyable way, within a random element of structured wordplay.