International Bilingual Edition

How are we to talk to one another? How will citizens of the world establish and maintain peaceful relations in this new millennium? Our vision is to bring safe and appreciative word play games to create effective bridges of communication over chasms of misunderstanding and conflict.

Bilingual Speakeasy® games promote intercultural communication competence: mutual respect and peaceful relationships, turn taking and empathic understanding.

Speakeasy® games are ideal personal icebreakers and are used for intercultural and international meetings, workshops, conferences and trainings. As the game unfolds, players experience intimate intercultural conversations with increased understanding.

Currently available in 36 languages from all over the world, the Speakeasy® games provide safe and appreciative intercultural word play for our planet in the 21st Century.

We donate 35% of all income from Speakeasy® sales ($1.40 of your $3.99 purchase) to non-profits around the world.

Arabic English

Assyrian English

Burmese English

Chinese English

Chuukese English

Danish English

Dutch English

Ewe English

Fijian English

French English

German English

Greek English

Hausa English

Hawaiian English

Hebrew English

Hindi English

Hmong English

Hungarian English

Italian English

Iu Mien English

Japanese English

Karen English

Korean English

Kosraean English

Marshallese English

Norwegian English

Polish English

Portuguese English

Russian English

Samoan English

Serbian English

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