How to Play Speakeasy®


Welcome to our global community of structured word play conversations.

Your game contains unique combinations of words which guide you on a voyage of discovery about yourself and others. The spirit of the game includes play, problem solving, and poetics. You can play by yourself, like solitaire, or with up to 8 persons.

Speakeasy® games gather people together from many walks of life to experience safe and appreciative communication. The games encourage interpersonal, intergenerational, international, intercultural and interfaith conversations, and offer opportunities for respectful and peaceful dialogue.

There are currently 145 Speakeasy® games on a wide variety of topics available for purchase in 7 Digital Editions: Wellness, Family, Education, Interfaith, International Bilingual, Corporate and Business, and Native American.

We donate 35% of all income from Speakeasy® sales ($1.40 of your $3.99 purchase) to non-profits around the world.

You are about to play a game that may bring many positive changes to your life.

Thank you for joining us in this ever-expanding circle of compassion.

How to Enjoy Playing Speakeasy®

  1. Begin by entering the names of players, up to 8. You can play solitaire Speakeasy® by yourself, or with 2 to 8 people.

  2. Choose the length of time for each turn. You have a choice of 60 seconds, 90 seconds, or 120 seconds.

  3. Tap on "Play!" in the upper right corner. The game will appear.

  4. Spend one minute sitting quietly together. We recommend mindful breathing: take a deep breath and relax on the exhale, like a sigh. Take this time to set aside distractions and create a calm focus. Turn off electronic distractions. Put cell phones in airplane mode.

  5. Focus on slowing down, creating a non-judgmental attitude, and simplifying what you want to communicate. We call it the 3 S's: Slow down, Switch (from judgmental to non-judgmental), and Simplify.

  6. When you are ready to begin, the first player chooses a topic by tapping on the Topic card. You have 10 seconds to decide whether to stay with that topic or choose another one. Take a breath and make a choice. The timer is in the upper right corner. A bell will ring indicating it is time to start.

    You can make the screen larger by pressing the button on the lower left hand corner.

  7. You now have 1, 1½, or 2 minutes to speak about the Topic card. You can say anything that comes to mind, talking at your own speed and pace, or you may choose to sit silently and reflect on the meaning. If you are silent, all players also focus quietly on the cards which appear on the screen.

    The bell will ring again to indicate your turn is complete. Everyone has an opportunity to take a deep breath, relaxing on the exhale.

    When you are the listener, avoid commenting or editing the communication of the other player. There is no "cross talk" — responding to the other player when it is not your turn — during the game.

  8. The next player can tap on a Quality or Experience card and relate it to the topic, or choose a new topic and speak about that.

    When you tap on a Quality card, we invite you to talk about how that Quality applies to your Topic card. For example, "If I could bring the Quality of Kindness (Quality) to Communication (Topic), my thoughts are...."

    When you tap on an Experience card, we invite you to talk about how you experience your Topic. For example, "My Values (Experience) about Communication (Topic) are...."

    Each time a player chooses a card, there will be ten seconds to decide whether to keep that card or choose a new one. The bell will remind you it is time to start.

  9. We recommend 20 minutes total for a complete game: 9 turns each for 2 players, 6 turns for 3 players, 5 turns for 4 players, 4 turns for 5 players, 3 turns for 6 players, 3 turns for 7 players, 2 turns for 8 players.

  10. After the turns are complete, each person expresses a brief appreciation for playing the game — for yourself, another person, or all players.