Corporate & Business Edition

Speakeasy® is a state of the art word play game for the business world! Businesses and corporations use the games as training icebreakers and conference conversation starters. Corporate consultants and human resource trainers introduce the games as tools for teaching communication competence and as team building exercises. Speakeasy® games are an excellent platform for brainstorming.

The games encourage direct communication which allows players to safely and openly discuss important topics and issues. Employees at every level are guided on a communication path toward renewed appreciation and understanding of corporate goals, work assignments, teamwork and business ethics.

Each game is easy to teach and play. Speakeasy® creates communication competence in the business environment. Increase your intercultural communication skills by combining these games with decks from the International Bilingual Edition.

We donate 35% of all income from Speakeasy® sales ($1.40 of your $3.99 purchase) to non-profits around the world.

Business Ethics

Executive Coaching

Higher Leadership

Human Resources

Intercultural Communication

This Speakeasy® game allows dialogue to develop in mixed cultural groups, or in any educational setting where there is a desire to learn more about intercultural issues. The game allows players to share thoughts, acceptance, prejudices, and responsibilities of multicultural society. Players can advance the concepts of the game into discussion that fosters continued understanding of people. Players may speak openly about their personal values, rites and traditions, harassment issues, and forgiveness. The game invokes a thoughtful, safe environment that builds understanding between individuals.

  • Classroom (Age 13-Adult)
  • Home School
  • Intercultural conferences
  • Youth residential treatment programs
  • Adolescent or adult corrections
  • Church/religious groups
  • Youth activity groups

Public Relations

Service Organization

Supervisor Challenges

Supervisor Skill Training

Team Building